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L1-600C Chair Mounted Dental Unit

Product Name: Chair Mounted Dental Unit
Model: L1-600C

Electrically controlled by a foot pedal, double articulating headrest, the head rest shall be capable of being securely locked in any desired position, seamless vacuum formed upholstery, thin profile contoured backrest, the size of chair is 2050*500*mm, the chair seat height can be adjusted from 450mm to 760mm.
Standard features:
Dental chair with one doctor stool            1 set
Dental Operation Light                     1set
Dental handpieces tubing                   3 sets
3-way syringe (hot & cold water)             2 sets
High power suction with automatic seperator    1 set
Automatic cup filler and spittoon flush system   1 set
Movable Assistant Stand                    1 set
Imported handpieces;
Built-in ultrasonic scaler
Built-in LED curing light;
Endoscope system
Oiless air compressor
Technical data:
Power voltage: ~110V-220V, 50~60Hz;
Air pressure: 0.55~0.8MPa;
Water pressure: 0.2~0.4MPa;

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