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Temperature Control Mode: per-heating control, servo control & manual control;
Instant Parameter Display: Set temp, skin temp, heat power rate;
Built- in APGAR Timer and >37℃ preset function
Audible/ Visual Alarms: temp deviation, Sensor failure, power failure, temp override;
Tilting Bed and Rotary Radiant Head;
X-ray Cassette Tray under infant bed, examination light of high illuminance ;
Use anti-blast quartz infrared tube as radiant hearing source.

Optional Deice (At Buyers’ Selection):
XYQ1003 Intra Low-pressure suction.

TD1001 Phototherapy Lights 
Mounting beside radiant heard of infant Radiant Warmer.
  BNT--1000 BNT--2000 BNT-2000(B)
Operational condition:      
Environment temperature +18℃--+30℃ +18℃--+30℃ +18℃--+30℃
Environment relative humidity 30%---75% 30%---75% 30%---75%
Environment air velocity of flow <0.3m/s <0.3m/s <0.3m/s
Power requirement ≤1000VA ≤1000VA ≤1000VA
Temperature control mode Auto Pre-heat, auto and manual Pre-heat, auto and manual
Temperature control range 25℃--37℃ 25℃--37℃ 25℃--37℃
Temperature override mode to ----- 38℃ 38℃
Temperature sensor accuracy ≤0.3℃ ≤0.3℃ ≤0.3℃
Mattress temperature uniformity ≤2.0℃ ≤2.0℃ ≤2.0℃
Temperature rise time ≤45 min ≤45 min ≤45 min
Radiant box horizon angle adjust range 0--±90°step-less 0--±90°step-less 0--±90°step-less
Mattress Tray Size 68*56cm 68*56cm 68*56cm
Mattress tilt adjust range 0--±10°step-less 0--±10°step-less 0--±10°step-less
Mattress tray Max. load 10kg 10kg 10kg
Transfusion pole Max .load 2kg 2kg 2kg
Shelf Max. load 2kg 2kg 2kg
X-ray shelf Yes Yes Yes
RS-232 Connector ---- Yes Yes
Mattress to Radiant box 81cm 81cm 81cm
Heater infrared wave length 1--3µm 1--3µm 1--3µm
APGAR Timer ----- Yes Yes
Power failure alarm Yes Yes Yes
Sensor failure alarm Yes Yes Yes
Temperature deviation alarm ±1.0℃ ±1.0℃ ±1.0℃
Over temperature alarm ≤38.0℃ ≤38.0℃, ≤39.0℃ ≤38.0℃, ≤39.0℃
Low-pressure suction ------ ------ Yes
Pressure adjust range ------ ----- 0-22Kp(0-165mmHg)
Operating noise ----- ----- ≤55 dB
White Phototherapy light ------- ------- 1 set
7L Oxygen cylinder (with oxygen manometer & oxygen flow meter ) ------- -------- 2 sets
Neonate resuscitation bag ------ ----- 1 set
Packing size 110*90*110cm 110*90*110cm 110*90*110cm
Net weight 85 kg 85 kg 85 kg
Gross weight 115 kg 115 kg 125 kg
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