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Lencen Medical is a a leading dental chair unit, medical equipment & consumable material manufacturer and supplier in China.
Our factory is located in Jiangsu province, China which is in the suburb
of Shanghai City.

New Products
  • MJ200 Hard Blade Video Fiber Optic Laryngoscope
    MJ200 Hard Blade Video Fiber Optic Laryngoscope
    Power voltage:no
    Air pressure: 0-180°
    Water pressure: luminance≥6000Lux
    Packing size: MJ200
  • L1-600C Chair Mounted Dental Unit
    L1-600C Chair Mounted Dental Unit
    Power voltage:~110V -220V, 50~60Hz
    Air pressure: 0.55~0.8MPa
    Water pressure: 0.55~0.8MPa
    Packing size: 1410x1003x1180mm
  • LR-18
    Power voltage:LR-18
    Air pressure: LR-18
    Water pressure: LR-18
    Packing size: LR-18
  • L1-IIC
    Power voltage:1400W
    Air pressure: 12L
    Water pressure: 44KG
    Packing size: 435x606x392
  • CM2008
    Power voltage:CM2008
    Air pressure: CM2008
    Water pressure: CM2008
    Packing size: CM2008
  • BNT-2000B
    Power voltage:≤1000VA
    Air pressure: 0-22Kp
    Water pressure: ±1.0℃
    Packing size: 110*90*110cm
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